Build patient loyalty and help your patients get the dental benefits needed to help you provide them with the preventive care that matches their needs.

You can be part of the dental health care revolution and we can show you HOW.


As the region’s oldest and largest provider of dental benefits, Northeast Delta Dental understands that some patients need more dental care than others. That is why we offer HOW®, our industry-leading Health through Oral Wellness® program that provides additional benefits at no additional cost to at-risk patients. However, they need help from you.

Through the use of a simple risk evaluation tool – the Clinical Suite that is powered by PreViser® and provided to you at no charge – you can help your at-risk patients receive the care they really need. HOW® can help you improve patient acceptance of treatment, their oral and overall health, and your bottom line.



You can promote individual awareness of the importance of oral health as a component of overall wellness for your patients.

You get reimbursed for providing risk assessments to your patients using the PreViser® oral health risk assessment tool.

You can use HOW® to make your dental practice more productive by creating a patient-centered clinical experience that will help you build patient satisfaction and patient loyalty.

Your patients that are at greater risk for oral disease or medical complications related to oral health may be eligible for enhanced preventive dental benefits and special offers on homecare products. Through HOW®, you will be able to build a stronger referral base by creating professional relationships with medical providers and gain new patients who do not see a dentist regularly.

You will also receive a free license for the PreViser® Clinical Suite, special offers on preventive products and services, and rewards for providing PreViser® oral health risk assessments and prevention services.

Now that’s what we like to call a win-win situation for both you and your patients!

Getting started is quick and easy!

  • Delta Dental Participating Dentists – Click Here and log-in
  • If you have questions or are a non-participating Dentist, please call the HOW® line at 1-800-537-1715, ext. 1339
  • For a PDF of our Provider Materials that will give you more information, please click on the links below:


HOW® offers healthcare providers with a Medical / Dental Integration Tool Kit. The forms included in this kit are for dentists and physicians to help integrate oral and systemic health.

– For dentists, HOW® provides a form to use to refer your patients to medical providers.

– For medical colleagues, the kit provides forms to use in requesting dental evaluation or treatment prior to medical procedures such as cancer treatment, organ transplant, joint replacement or heart surgery.

Consultation Form For Pregnant Women to Receive Oral Health Care
Dental Patient Medical Consultation Form
Oral Health Patient Consultation Referral Form


Northeast Delta Dental is proud to provide dental professionals with what we believe to be the world’s best electronic oral health risk assessment. Powered by PreViser®, the cloud-based Oral Health Information Suite gives dental professionals the ability to risk assess their patients quickly, objectively, and consistently. The assessment tool supports the evidence-based plan designs offered through Northeast Delta Dental’s industry-leading Health through Oral Wellness® (HOW®) program that extends additional preventive benefits to at-risk patients enrolled in plans with HOW® benefits.

PreViser’s risk assessment tool provides the following:

  • Unlimited free use of our cloud-based oral health risk assessment using PreViser’s clinically validated Clinical Suite with free technical support
  • Access to enhanced preventive benefits for eligible patients who are at higher risk for dental caries and periodontal disease*
  • Increased patient acceptance of care
  • Recognition as a HOW® participating dentist via our dentist search on our website highlighting your commitment to evidence-based prevention and patient-centered oral health
  • Use of the HOW® logo on your website, on social media, and in print advertising
  • Increased patient flow from Northeast Delta Dental insured members engaged by HOW® to see their dentist to learn how to achieve their best possible oral and overall health
  • A HOW® desktop placard for your front desk that encourages patients to “Know their Numbers” and get the preventive care they need to stay healthy

*Enhanced benefits are currently limited to patients from participating employer groups with HOW® plan designs who have moderate to high risk for caries and/or periodontal disease based on submission of an electronic risk assessment using the PreViser Oral Health Information Suite. Enhanced benefits may include additional prophylaxis and periodontal maintenance visits, caries susceptibility testing, sealants, and additional fluoride treatments for at-risk children and adults. There is no reduction in standard benefits for patients who have not been risk assessed or who show low to very low risk for oral disease.

For more resources about preventative dental measures, please visit:


HOW® is based on the concept of evidence-based dentistry. Our goal is to ensure that patients benefit from preventive care based on the best available oral health related science. Our HOW® Enhanced Dental Benefit plans are designed to be consistent with current evidence based guidelines and recommendations from the following professional organizations and government agencies.

  • American Dental Association (ADA)
  • American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD)
  • American Academy of Periodontology (AAP)
  • Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC)

Click the links below to access current recommendations and guidelines from these organizations and agencies:


By utilizing PreViser’s Clinical Suite, you’re enhancing the collaboration between you and your patients. You’ll also be tapping into tools and resources that will help you build your practice. Visit the PreViser® website and learn about the many benefits for your patients and your practice.


For more information, please email HOW®.


Download this PDF for more information about how to sign up for Clinical Suite in your office.


Get a preview of our risk assessment test or take it for yourself.