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What is How?

HOW® stands for Health through Oral Wellness®. It’s a unique, patient-centered program that encourages an open, collaborative patient-dentist relationship.

By taking a simple assessment and seeing your dentist for preventive oral care based on your individual needs, you can take charge of your oral health. You can even take advantage of our "Ask the HOW Coach" feature, which allows you to send specific oral health and overall wellness questions via e-mail to Start the conversation today!

HOW® features include:

  • Free, customized oral health tips
  • Enhanced benefits for qualifying at-risk members
  • Special offers
  • Ask the HOW Coach at
  • Other helpful information

To find a dentist who has the necessary software to perform your clinical risk assessment, click here

All dentists can complete your risk assessment. Click here for instructions that you can bring to your dentist to show them how.


Staying on top of your oral health is important, and now it's easier than ever. By registering for our HOW program using the link below, you will receive free, customized oral health tips, special offers, and other helpful information.

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